Never trust your spouse 100% – Size 8 reveals she has never forgiven DJ Mo

Image: Size 8 ordained as preacher

Size 8 pastor Pastor Linet Munyali has shared her thoughts on commitment and trust in marriage. During a discussion with a local radio station, the accomplished gospel musician and mother of two gave her opinions on the mechanics of trust between spouses.

Size 8 stressed that neither men nor women can be guaranteed to be faithful, acknowledging the difficulties of having complete trust in partnerships.

She provided a unique viewpoint, advising couples to put their faith in God to make any unseen facets of their marriage clear.

She laughed and said, “You can’t be DCI. Anyone who wants to do something will just go ahead and do it. My friend, if someone wants to do something, he will. He will keep one phone at his place of business.”

Size 8 also emphasized the individuality of each person in a partnership by emphasizing that spouses have their own viewpoints and ideas.

She warned that attempting to control their behavior might prove fruitless.

“One thing I learned about people is that when you marry someone, he was already in his life before you were. They each have their own opinions and perspectives on the world. If someone wants to drink water, he will do so whether you encourage him to or not. All married couples should seek heavenly direction for their marriages and their partners”.

She emphasized that it can be difficult to have complete faith in a spouse and suggested putting your complete faith in God.

“Neither your husband nor your wife are completely trustworthy. God is someone you can believe in,” she remarked.

In September, they commemorated their tenth wedding anniversary.
According to DJ Mo, their ten-year journey has been filled with both happy and turbulant moments.

DJ Mo talked openly about a particularly tough time when their union almost ended.

We once got into a heated dispute, and it got to the point where she chose to move out and rent an apartment for two months, he admitted.

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