Nicah The Queen Denies Pregnancy After Brief Social Media Hiatus

Image: Slaver with Nicah and youngest daughter

Nicah The Queen, who recently disappeared from the internet after a brief drama with her baby daddy Dr. Ofweneke over who initiated their breakup, has reappeared on her Instagram stories to deny being pregnant.

The mom of two had been MIA since Ofweneke opened up about their breakup on August 30, saying that he had rediscovered himself and realized that he and Nicah were not perfect for each other. He also said that he had been praying to God about the situation and that God had told him that their marriage was not in his plan for him.

Nicah was offended by Ofweneke’s comments and slammed him. Since then, she has been MIA. This led to rumors that she could be pregnant with her fiance Dj Slahver.

However, Nicah has denied these rumors, saying that she is not pregnant and that she has been MIA because she needed some time to reflect and meditate. She also said that she wanted to focus her energy on her family and business.

Nicah and Slahver have been together for over a year and are engaged. They are both parents to children from previous relationships.

It is unclear why Nicah and Ofweneke broke up, but it seems that they are both moving on with their lives. Nicah is focusing on her family and business, while Ofweneke is focusing on his career.

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