Nicholas Kioko Expresses Disappointment With YouTube Earnings In Kenya, Compares With US Payments

Kenyan YouTuber Nicholas Kioko has shed light on the disparity in YouTube’s payouts between Kenya and other countries, particularly the United States. He revealed this information during a recent interview with Radio Maisha.

Kioko, who relies on YouTube for his income, explained that Kenyan YouTubers receive significantly less compared to their US counterparts. In Kenya, YouTubers earn between 80,000 to 100,000 shillings for a video reaching 1 million views. In stark contrast, US YouTubers can earn up to ten thousand dollars for the same viewership.

“Even though YouTube pays, it’s not a huge amount, especially considering the cost of content creation,” Kioko said. “Here in Kenya, I typically get between 2.5 million to 3.5 million views. With those numbers in the US, I’d be living comfortably. Here, you only get 80-100k for 1 million views, while the US equivalent would be around 1.3 million shillings.”

Kioko, a father of twins, emphasized the challenges faced by Kenyan content creators due to lower YouTube payouts. He echoed the sentiments of fellow content creator Sammy Kioko, who previously disclosed incurring losses exceeding two million shillings since starting content creation.

The YouTuber also mentioned the declining value of the Euro impacting Kenyan creators, though details on the specific impact weren’t provided.

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