Nick Ndeda on why dating Betty Kyallo is too much pressure

Nick Ndeda is a catch! I know most ladies drool over his photos on social media but guess what – that whole package belongs to one and only, Betty Kyallo!

Anyway a few days ago Nick Ndeda who is a well known lawyer; and now a well known media personality got to open up about his relationship with Betty Kyallo for the first time while speaking on Jalang’o TV.

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Betty Kyallo with boyfriend, Nick Ndeda

His interview however comes about 3 months after blogger Edgar Obare outed what he refers to a low key relationship with former news anchor Betty Kyallo. According to the guy, they had both decided to keep their romance on the low; but unfortunately was exposed by a neighbor who doesn’t understand the importance of privacy.

Speaking during the interview – Nick Ndeda opened up saying;

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We had agreed that we never wanted to go public, we knew that there will be rumours and the what not because we are seen together here and there…which is fine.

Too much pressure

Well since Betty Kyallo is already a celebrity thanks to her line of work, Nick Ndeda says he started feeling the pressure of dating her after the exposè.

Nick Ndeda and boyfriend, Nick Ndeda

Not that he wanted to quit but the attention he was now receiving made him uncomfortable especially since he is a person who prefers keeping his private life off social media. But with Betty Kyallo, of course this was now starting to look impossible.

Anyway speaking on why he feels being in a public relationship is too much pressure, Ndeda said;

There is a lot of pressure, there are many people invested in the success as they are in the failure… I know that when a relationship doesn’t work it just doesn’t work and I know I won’t stay in it just because of the public… but in any relationship, you should always have it in mind that you want to get it right.

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