Njugush’s Spoof of Kuria’s Cooking Oil Remarks Has Fans in Stitches

Comedian Njugush has had his fans laughing out loud with a skit in which he spoofed Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria’s remarks about cooking oil prices.

In the skit, Njugush plays a fitness coach who is counseling his wife, Celestine Ndinda, who is unhappy with her lack of weight loss.

Ndinda tells Njugush that she has been working out for months, but she has not seen any results. Njugush asks her where she got weighed, and she says she went to the Nairobi CBD.

Njugush then tells her that she should have gone to Ruiru, where the prices are lower. He says, “Everything is lower in Ruiru. Sugar has dropped, madam, let go of those worries. Who’s the coach here, you or me? Who checked your sugar levels? In Ruiru, everything has gone down. Have you become the coach?”

The skit is a parody of Kuria’s remarks during a recent interview on Citizen TV, when he challenged the accuracy of the figures presented on cooking oil prices. Kuria said that the prices had significantly decreased since his appointment and challenged the journalist to make random calls to supermarkets to verify his claims.

Kuria also insisted that the journalist send another crew to Ruiru to investigate potential lower prices.

Njugush’s skit has been a hit with his fans, who have praised him for his comedic timing and his ability to skewer Kuria’s remarks. The skit has also been shared widely on social media, where it has been viewed by thousands of people.

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