Nostalgia: Frankie Just Gym It reveals why he fell for Maureen Waititu

Image: Exes Maureen and baby daddy, Frankie

Fitness expert Frankie Just Gym It had a heart-to-heart talk with his son about how men fall in love. The conversation was caught on video while they were driving, and Frankie was initially caught off guard by his son’s question.

His son was trying to understand why he had made a connection with a female friend, and Frankie began by explaining the meaning of compatibility. He said that when two people see things the same way, value the same things, and have a lot in common, they often become someone that the other person loves.

Frankie’s son seemed to understand, and Frankie then said that when two people love each other, they often start a family together.

Frankie’s post about his son’s birthday on October 20th warmed the hearts of many Kenyans, who praised him and Maureen for coming together for the sake of their children. Frankie and Maureen have two sons together.

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