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NRG radio presenter forced to come out clean about sexuality

July 27, 2022 at 14:17
NRG radio presenter forced to come out clean about sexuality

Natalie Githinji from NRG radio has never really come out to talk about her private life; something that has now left most of her fans wondering whether akona mutu and if yes, is it male or famale?

Okay seeing how she’s tight with bestie King Kalala – a fellow NRG presenter; who we all know is a tomboy – I guess this is why netizens are now asking questions about Natalie Githinji’s sexuality.

Natalie Githinji with bestie, King Kalala

Well finally we’ve come to know what Natalie Githinji likes and unfortunately for the ladies hitting on the petite lass – turns out she is straight and likes men. The radio presenter who doubles up as a content creator revealed this while responding to a QnA post where a fan wrote;

Are you straight azin do you do galz coz I like you

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Natalie Githinji turns down female crush

Well as already mentioned, Natalie Githinji denied having any romantic feelings towards the female gender but confirmed she is straight.

Responding to the QnA the NRG presenter thanked the fan for ‘wanting her’ but turned her down since she wasn’t interested.

no I don’t do girls…..but thanks…😍


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