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Nviiri the storyteller the ‘music engineer’

June 27, 2019 at 17:21
Nviiri the storyteller the 'music engineer'

Nviiri the storyteller is a talented Kenyan songwriter and singer. His full name is Nviiri Sande.

Did ever hit you that a mechanical engineer could leave the title for a simple role in music? Well taht is Nviiri for you. He left a very prestigious profession. It is clear that dreams are valid.

We all know Nviiri the story teller from Sauti Sol. This is a talented guy and recently he has hit the airwaves with his new single Pombe Sigara. Nviiri got the fame after co-writing Melanin something that he says changed his life completely.

Also, it is important to note that Melanin is already a hit song where Sauti Sol featured Patoraking. It is currently at million views on youtube courtesy of Nviiri.

It is shocking that this talent had been lying somewhere underutilized. Nviiri is soon becoming the household. In an interview with Pulse, he says that he is more of a story teller. This is an art that makes him unique in the market. In Extravaganza, Sauti Sol’s collaborated with him and we can all confirm that the jam is really doing well.

Although Nviiri has just come to the limelight recently, he has had his piece of the Kenyan music platform. It will not be wrong if I said that Nviiri Sande has made a living through writing music.


Ex Anaiva where he featured Tanasha Donna

Niokoe featuring Gordon and Ja

Listening to the two jams, you will realize that this guy has a voice that is so great.  Even if he performs gospel or secular, I believe that he can hack both worlds.

To add on what people have said, Nviiri just needs to concentrate on doing more songs.  He is what we need in this industry. I can’t even keep calm till he releases something new. Lets promote him.



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