Nyashinski Celebrates Birthday With Message Of Hope To Netizens Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit everyone hard in one way or the other. Most businesses have shut down, companies have laid off workers and some have been furloughed. All we can do now is just survive. No one knows when the pandemic will come to an end, but one thing’s for sure, it’s here to stay. President Uhuru’s decision to lock down the country got even more people stranded. Celebrities joined hands to try and convince him on behalf of netizens to open up the country. They haven’t succeeded. The third wave has taken even more people. You never know who’s next.

Message Of Hope

Legendary RnB artist, Nyashinski turns a year older and Kenya celebrates  his music prowess - Ghafla! Kenya

However, singer Nyashinksi has his message of hope during this tough time. The ‘Hapo tu’ hitmaker has encouraged netizens to be there for each other and hold on for there are better days to come. In addition, Nyashinski has decided to release three songs on his birthday today to keep his fans entertained. In an emotional message, he wrote,

”Hey Fam,
I pray with you in 2021 and that you and your loved ones are keeping safe. I did some easy songs during this lockdown and would like to share them with you. My goal is that despite the hopelessness people may find themselves in, we can still find hope in each other by being light and pillars of hope.”

Meanwhile, Happy Birthday Nyashinski!

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