Odi Dance creator Timeless Noel is back with another banger ‘Yela Kabisa’ and we love it (Video)

Image: Timeless Noel

Timeless Noel, the chap who treated Kenyans to Odi Dance in 2017, is back with another sizzling hit that we can’t get enough of.

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The song dubbed Yela Kabisa is also dance-inspired and involves movement of the forearm and legs. The way I see it, it has many elements of Odi Dance but I could also be wrong.

According to Timeless, Yela is a word that is used by odis (ordinary people) as a cry to attract someone’s attention. Kabisa is word that they use to express gratitude. I also found this interesting, it’s not just you.

In the context of this song, however, Yela Kabisa means that when the man above calls you, you should accept him because he has great plans for you.

Timeless Noel
Timeless Noel

Admittedly, this song might not be as big as Odi Dance but I feel that Timeless did not disappoint his fans. The words used are easy to master and the dance style is easy to learn. Kudos to him.

The beat, which was produced by the one and only Madrum Cisse, is also catchy. Chances are you’ll find yourself bumping your head to this song even before you learn how to dance along to it.

Side note: I can only hope that Timeless Noel is planning to treat us to another song that will be as big as Odi Dance. A national anthem of sorts.

Watch Yela Kabisa below and tell us what you think.


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