Oga Obinna sets his eyes on newly separated Amber Ray

Oga Obina makes fun of Amber Ray and Rapudo’s split and adds that he would be willing to look after Amber Ray’s children.

The former Kiss 100 host has always had a tremendous crush on Amber Ray, and he once said that the only woman he was ready to wed was Amber Ray. His ideal automobile was a Range Rover sports.

Oga Obinna’s best friend is Amber Ray, despite the fact that their friendship has never been the subject of any amusing “Bestie Bestie” scandals. Oga has always expressed interest in Amber.

The stand-up comedy was quick to take action and defend Amber Ray after learning about Rapudo and Amber Ray’s breakup.

He thinks Amber shouldn’t surf around him and that he would take Amber Ray now that the chance has been presented to him.

Oga Obinna is shown in a video on his Instagram page flaunting his Range Rover Sport and saying that he is heading to Amber Ray’s house to console her.

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