Otile Brown Explains How His Ex-Girlfriend Rejected Him Despite His Efforts

Musician Otile Brown recently spoke about his former relationship with Ethiopian model Nabayet, with whom he dated for four years.

Brown revealed on Instagram that he had previously attempted to rekindle their romance, even traveling to Ethiopia to express his feelings. However, he ultimately let go due to a perceived change in Nabayet and the challenges of a long-distance relationship.

Letting go was a difficult process for Brown, and he acknowledged the significant length of time he spent single afterward. He expressed a fear of not finding someone who could connect with him like Nabayet did.

Brown commented on a song he dedicated to Nabayet, “Dear Ex,” viewing it as a vulnerable expression of their story and a potential inspiration for others.

While speaking on television, Brown showered Nabayet with compliments, demonstrating his continued respect for her despite the relationship’s end.

“Nabbi is a beautiful woman and what I like about her is that she wants nothing from me, hataki kiki, hataki Otile Brown, anataka Jack ama Juma. Ni mwananke ambaye anashughuli zake, Kazi zake ambazo anafanya kubwa tu, she is responsible” said Otile.

This happened nearly right away following the breakdown of his romance with socialite Vera Sidika.

Following Otile Brown’s 2022 sighting in Ethiopia, fans began to speculate about a potential reunion; but it didn’t.

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