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Otile Brown narrates how crazy fan punched him on the face during Live perfomance

October 22, 2020 at 12:42
Otile Brown narrates how crazy fan punched him on the face during Live perfomance

Being a music artist especially in the secular space comes with a lot of responsibilities. Some you never expected but will occasionally bump into because that is the package.

It is not once or twice but multiple times, have musicians across the globe narrated weird encounters with fans, be it on stage or along the streets.

Fans are fans and just like the name suggests, you should not expect any less. They get wild and go overboard just for you.

Otile Browns moment of fame

It is no different in the local scene, with the good-looking R&B singer Otile Brown narrating some of his crazy encounters with fans.

R&B singer Otile Brown

During his interview with Mseto East Africa, Otile recalled how one time, a fan literally punched him on the face during the confusion and struggle by fans trying to touch an artist, during a performance.

Well, Otile did not take it offensively, because he believed the fan had no ill intentions and was just doing what they do – go crazy on their favorite artist.

However, that was not as bad. One time, a fan literally jumped on the artist and hang on his neck and Otile did not know what to do.

Music heartthrob Otile Brown

At the time, he had not come along with bodyguards and that is why ever since, he walks around with at least one bodyguard because you never know who you might come across.

Anyway, Otile admitted that handling fans is not something easy, sometimes they can land you in trouble when you least expect.


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