Otile Brown sends sweet message to ex-lover: I knew you were gonna be my headache

Singer Otile Brown is back on the trending list yet again after sending a message to his ex-lover Nabayet.

The singer took to social media to wish her a happy birthday and declare his love for her just days after Nabayet dumped her for allegedly cheating.

In his message, Otile vowed that he’ll always be apart of her no matter the breakup.

“I remember when we first met in Australia after months of talking on phone for hours every day without getting bored, you pulled up on me in a black biker short, a big ass 2pac black tshirt (which is mine nowadays????) and yeezy sneakers..With no makeup on, no nothing ???? you weren’t trying hard to impress and that is when I knew you were gonna be my headache, coz that’s my type of cool,’ he said. 


Otile, who was in the news recently for wishing Vera Sidika a happy birthday, went on to open his heart saying how much he cared for her.

“You never ask for anything from me -you’re the type that like to give and never takes and sometimes it’s annoying. Listen ???? – relationships aren’t easy and the more serious it gets sometimes, the more terrifying it becomes coz we’re young and stupidly cursed but I’m ready to risk it all for your fine ass.” he added. 



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