Pangani & Eastleigh Residents Raise Concerns Over Construction Safety Practices Following Fatal Scaffold Collapse

Residents of Pangani and Eastleigh areas in Nairobi have expressed grave concerns about the safety practices employed at construction sites following a tragic incident that claimed the lives of four construction workers and left several others hospitalized.

The incident occurred at the Bajun Towers construction site along Mukunga Street when the scaffoldings supporting the workers on the 15th floor collapsed, sending them plummeting to the ground.

Starehe Deputy Sub County Commander William Sirengo confirmed the tragic incident, stating that the victims were plastering the building when the wooden platform beneath them gave way.

Sirengo’s account aligns with the concerns raised by residents, who have decried the lax safety standards at construction sites in Pangani and Eastleigh. They allege that developers are prioritizing cost-cutting over safety measures, putting the lives of workers and the wider community at risk.

“There seems to be a disregard for safety regulations at these construction sites,” remarked one resident. “The materials used are often substandard, and the workers are not adequately trained or equipped.”

Another resident echoed these sentiments, adding, “We’ve witnessed several near-misses in the past, and it’s only a matter of time before another tragedy strikes if these practices continue.”

The residents called upon the relevant authorities to investigate the Bajun Towers incident thoroughly and take strict action against any individuals or companies found to have violated safety standards.

They also urged the authorities to conduct a comprehensive review of construction practices in Pangani and Eastleigh, ensuring that all sites adhere to the highest safety regulations to prevent future tragedies.

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