Photos of Esther Musila’s grown kids surface online weeks after getting engaged to Guardian Angel

Image: Guardian angel with lover Esther Musila

51 year old Esther Musila is a mother of 3 grown kids who she has been keeping off social media for the longest time. From what we know is that the lady tried to protect her grown kids from the online life; but as expected this was just short term – I mean, have you met Kenyans on social media!

Anyway a couple of photos showing Ms Musila in the company of her 3 kids have surfaced on social media leaving many shocked; or rather surprised at the fact that these kids appear to be in the same age bracket as Guardian Angel.

From the photos it’s evident to see that the two boys took after their mum in terms of looks and even height.

The only girl doesn’t really look much like her mum but from the photos; we can tell that Ms Musila’s last born is currently in her mid-twenties; and boy is she also stylish in her own way!

Esther Musila’s kids

Supportive kids

Although these pictures may have been leaked for malicious reasons; they also help us understand how close Ms Esther Musila is with her children.

From the way they playfully pose during photos sessions prove their relationship is unbreakable; and with such obvious traits getting noticed on simple photos also means they may be the reason why their mum is comfortable dating young singer, Guardian Angel.

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