Pierra Makena Calms Concerns- Swollen Face Due to Allergies, Not Violence

Singer and radio host Pierra Makena has reassured fans after a swollen face in recent videos sparked concerns about domestic violence. While the image, reminiscent of a boxer after a tough fight, alarmed many, Makena quickly clarified that it was not the result of any physical attack.

“Fam I’m better and getting treatment from home. I didn’t get beat so my army lower your weapons,” she posted, urging her followers to avoid jumping to conclusions. The star explained that her puffy face was caused by a severe allergy and acute lower back pain, promising to share more details soon.

In a follow-up message, Makena reiterated her assurance, expressing gratitude for the well wishes and thanking medical professionals for their prompt action. “Honestly hata sina nguvu ya ku argue,” she joked, highlighting her exhaustion. She clarified again that the swelling was purely an allergic reaction, not the result of a fight or accident.

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