Police Investigate Death of One-Year-Old Child Found in Well

Police in Nairobi are investigating the death of a one-and-a-half-year-old child whose body was found in a well at a residential apartment in Kawangware.

The child’s mother had earlier reported him missing. It was not until hours later that a neighbor who had gone to draw water from the well stumbled upon the child’s body floating. She raised the alarm, prompting fire brigade officials to respond. They successfully retrieved the body.

Police said they are yet to establish how the boy drowned. Residents said the well had been left uncovered and suspected the child drowned accidentally.

The body was moved to the mortuary pending autopsy and other investigations.

Man Stabbed to Death in Robbery Incident

A middle-aged man was stabbed to death in a robbery incident in Mathare slums, Nairobi. The victim’s body was found in a pool of blood on Saturday night.

Police said the victim is suspected of having resisted a robbery incident in Takataka area, prompting the violent attack on him. The body was found with stab wounds in the stomach and chest.

A suspect was seen escaping from the scene and police say a hunt on him is ongoing.

The body was moved to the mortuary pending autopsy and other procedures.

Man Dies at Home After Complaining of Stomachache

Police in Kitengela, Kajiado County, are investigating the death of a man who died at his house after complaining of a stomachache.

Shadrack Ndunda was brought to his house hours after he had left for work in the area and started to complain of pain in the stomach. His clothes were muddy, police said.

His wife told police she rushed him to Kitengela sub-county hospital, where he was treated and discharged the same day.

But on Friday his condition worsened and he died in the house.

Police who visited the scene said the body had bruises on the right hand at the elbow, suspected to be a bite by human teeth.

All three of these deaths are tragic and our thoughts are with the victims’ families and friends. We hope that the police are able to investigate these cases thoroughly and bring the perpetrators to justice.

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