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Politicians and even colleagues approached me for intimacy – Janet Mbugua opens up

January 27, 2020 at 11:28
Politicians and even colleagues approached me for intimacy - Janet Mbugua opens up

It is not news that Kenyan politicians have an eye for most news anchors especially, the young, sassy and charming ones.

It´s not once, or twice, or even thrice, that such news have made headlines in our local media.

Whether dating them for prospective marriage or just sexual favors in exchange for material wealth, it´s been there.

However, what irks most is fact that these politicians do it regardless of the subject´s marital status.

Some might be married, others already have kids and have started a beautiful, blossoming family, but that has been given a deaf ear by these very politicians.

Renowned Kenyan media personality, Janet Mbugua, opened up on her own experience.

Yes, she was married and having kids already but politicians kept approaching her, from all sides of the divide.

Speaking on Radio Maisha, the mother of two expressed:

I don´t want to sit here and pass judgement but I do believe this is wrong especially if it is somebody who has a family. On principle, it´s wrong but at the same time, it doesn´t mean that that woman should be abused, or harassed, or bullied.

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‘Your voice changes the world’. Sometimes we’re afraid to tap in to our inner voice. The voice that demands change, progress and the push to improve human rights. The thing about that voice is that sooner or later, it begs to speak, sometimes shaky and all. It’s more powerful and liberating than any silence you may have tolerated, because silence is a privilege. This may make some of you upset but…it’s true. You could use that voice to speak with your family or friends about the things around you which concern you, share it in your Chama or WhatsApp groups, on your date nights. It may not be a big, loud shout to the world but rather to the people around you, your world. You could even write a message to your government representative. It’s your right. You may even use that voice to release a song that triggers a nation into some serious introspection. That voice could even pen a book, motivate students, influence policy, inspire millions to push their limits, or it could be used to shed light on an issue affecting someone close to you. Get your voice, THAT voice out there, because we all have something we could advocate for. Choose your voice over silence. Choose anything over silence. We don’t get anything done if we’re quiet. Get uncomfortable and watch the world shift. Sometimes it’ll make you feel like you’re not making any difference, but practice using your inner ‘I-Want-To-Do-Something-About-This’ voice the way you would practice your craft. Hone it. It’s something I’m working on each day and it isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. #TedTalk. ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.’

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However, the multi-talented personality went ahead to clarify that having made mistakes does not mean these women should be treated with contempt, rather advised accordingly.

It´s  human rights violation. She needs to be educated better kwamba that the choices that she makes will come back and hurt her because the day you are older there will be a youngin and you will be kicked out. You can lose your credibility or even your job, you lose everything.

Sharing her own experience, Mrs Ndichu opened up:

How many politicians, how many colleagues in the media have approached me? So many. Did I say yes? No. Even when I am married and gotten kids. I just used to say point-black that, ¨I have a family. Don´t you think what you are asking is wrong?¨.

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This photo (which also happens to be featured in today’s @thestarkenya, captured by @miss_mumoh of @mumoh_photography) shows a pensive looking Janet, ahead of the final rehearsal for Day 3 of #ICPD25. I can’t thank you all enough for your kind words with regards to my role. I’m not going to lie; the anxiety, impostor syndrome, self doubt…you name it, were all completely alive and loud leading up to this week. In a strange way they also kept me focused. I took time off social media (as I truly believe we all should once in a while, for a short or extended period of time), I buried my head in the importance of the #NairobiSummit and I stayed learning. I realize now that I’ll never not be nervous when it comes to delivering my work. Now I know to channel that in an healthy way. More of these conversations, about how not to stay stuck, yes? (Style details in previous post). #janetthejourney #moderator #media #advocacy #grateful #godspeed

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Because honestly, actions have consequences.

It´s a choice. I just said that even if they can give me all the money in the world, what will happen to me? There is no credibility I´ll have.



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