Popular Gay Influencer Brian Chira Upsets Kenyans Once Again

Controversial Brian Chira, a Kenyan TikToker, has been a trending topic on Twitter (X App) because a video he recorded while on Instagram Live went viral.
When Chira started acting inappropriately on live television while nude, many people were startled.

The conduct infuriated many, with one section calling for Chira’s account to be immediately suspended from the photo-sharing website.

Chira is not mentally healthy, according to another group of Tweeps, and he desperately needs assistance.

The Tiktoker has previously been into trouble with KOT for the wrong reasons.

He was once taken to court after being detained for publicizing private information about TikToker Azziad Nasenya and defaming him.

Many commenters on the current popular video are pleading with well-wishers to assist Chira in changing his unhealthy habits.

The revolting video is trending on Twitter.

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