Popular Nairobi club 1824 will reopen several months following its demolition

One month after its demolition, the renowned entertainment hotspot 1824, situated along Lang’ata Road in Nairobi, is poised to make a comeback.

The nightclub, torn down on Friday, March 1, 2024, sparked varied reactions across social media platforms.

Now, the club has relocated to a new spot on the same thoroughfare.

A banner erected on Aerodrome Road, Madaraka along Langata Road indicates the new address.

The demolition of the establishment ensued amidst a legal tussle involving its proprietor, Wilson Nashon Kanani. Kanani co-owns the lounge with Biko Ochieng Gwendo and George Avugwi Lutta.

In February 2024, the High Court declined to lift an order freezing assets valued at Sh643.2 million belonging to Kanani, as per a case initiated by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC). The commission sought to seize Kanani’s assets, including high-value vehicles, residences, land, and Sh48 million in multiple bank accounts.

Kanani clarified that the 1824 nightclub was not among the assets targeted by the EACC. The commission confirmed that the demolition wasn’t related to their legal dispute with Kanani.

On September 13, 2023, Justice Esther Maina restrained Kanani from dealing with his assets, comprising luxury vehicles, houses, land, and Sh48 million across various bank accounts.

Kanani, a Development Control Officer employed by the Nairobi County government, is accused by the EACC of accepting substantial bribes and kickbacks from developers.

Despite his modest monthly salary of Sh55,866, Kanani possesses several properties, including apartments in NHC estates in Kahawa and Lang’ata, a townhouse in Phenom Estate, Lang’ata, and residential and rental properties in Busia County, along with high-end vehicles.

The EACC initiated forfeiture proceedings against Kanani, his family, and affiliated companies—Wilman Auto Invests, Willy Walla International Ltd, Regineez Enterprises Ltd, and Wilcoreg Ltd.

This isn’t the first time the nightclub faced closure; on December 20, 2023, uniformed police officers oversaw its shutdown, only for it to reopen later.

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