President Ruto would pay Miracle Baby’s medical expenses from Mugiithi

President William Ruto has taken on the responsibility of covering the medical expenses for the ailing Mugiithi artist Peter, popularly known as Miracle Baby, and has instructed his transfer to Kenyatta National Hospital for further treatment.

Musician-turned-politician Charles ‘Jaguar’ Kanyi expressed concerns about Miracle Baby’s deteriorating health despite his recent discharge from the hospital.

Jaguar revealed that President Ruto not only committed to covering the musician’s medical bills but also provided financial assistance of Sh 100,000 to his girlfriend, Carol Katrue, to manage additional expenses at home.

“I am headed to pick him up from Kiambu Level Five and transfer him to Kenyatta National Hospital. The President will take care of the bills as of now. We have been raising funds to support the family, but the bills continue to soar even after he was discharged,” said Jaguar.

Miracle Baby has been hospitalized in a Kiambu hospital for the past two months and recently underwent his third surgery.

Comedian Eric Omondi led fundraising efforts to facilitate his discharge.

Jaguar highlighted the financial strain faced by the artist, stating that he incurs over Sh 20,000 daily to meet basic needs and tend to post-surgery wounds at home.

Carol Katrue, Miracle Baby’s girlfriend, provided updates on his condition, revealing the complexity of his surgery due to ruptured intestines, which necessitates the use of a tube for restroom needs for the next six weeks.

Miracle Baby earlier urgently appealed for financial support to settle his hefty hospital bill, amounting to Sh 1.6 million.

In a heartwarming show of solidarity, politicians and online well-wishers raised over Sh 1 million in January.

During a live Facebook session hosted by Kikuyu artiste Karangu Wa Muraya from the hospital, over 12,000 viewers tuned in, expressing hopes for Miracle Baby’s swift recovery.

Miracle Baby’s health struggles date back to 2018 when he underwent a misdiagnosed appendectomy.

CS Moses Kuria, Dennis Itumbi, KRG The Don, Cassy Pool are among public figures who have publicly fundraised for the artiste.

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