Primary school teacher fatally stabbed in Limuru.

Learning activities at Thigio Primary School in Ndeiya ward faced a somber interruption on Monday as pupils discovered that their English teacher had been fatally stabbed.

Teachers struggled to console the students who were grappling with the shocking news. Representatives from the Kenya National Union of Teachers, Kiambu West branch, visited the school to offer support to both teachers and learners.

Led by branch secretary Michael Muna, the officials expressed condolences, acknowledging the loss of a dedicated, humble, and approachable teacher within the teaching community.

Family members revealed that Irene Ng’endo was stabbed by an unknown assailant on Saturday afternoon at her residence in Kamirithu village, Limuru constituency, Kiambu county. According to Njenga Murugami, a family member, Ng’endo screamed, attracting neighbors who found her attempting to exit her house.

“When neighbors arrived, they did not see anyone leaving. They only saw her trying to scroll outside her house,” Murugami recounted. “They called a taxi and rushed her to Tigoni hospital, where she was pronounced dead.”

Confirming the incident, Limuru subcounty police commander Phillip Mwania reported that, as of Saturday, no arrests had been made. Ng’endo had sustained stab wounds to the abdomen, and the assailant had left the scene. The attacker took away the weapon used in the stabbing to conceal evidence, but nothing was reported stolen from the house.

“Her phones and handbag were in the house, which was also smart. There were signs of struggle during the stabbing,” Mwania explained. He added that investigations had been initiated to unravel the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Mwania appealed to the family to cooperate with DCI detectives by providing any relevant details that could assist in establishing the sequence of events.

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