Prince Mwiti, Chira’s best friend, says he made Sh4.8 million on TikTok

Digital content creator Prince Mwiti has made it clear that he won’t be bidding farewell to TikTok anytime soon, despite facing setbacks. This determination comes after the controversial 28-year-old lost his account, boasting over 240k followers.

Undeterred by the setback, Mwiti promptly created a new account and addressed his alleged detractors on TikTok Live, who were purportedly celebrating his account’s suspension.

In a fiery online tirade, Prince Mwiti proudly flaunted his earnings from the platform, stating, “Congratulations. The money that I have made from that account is a lot of money. It was a very beautiful account.”

He proceeded to display screenshots from his PayPal account, revealing that he had amassed millions of Kenyan shillings, even from his previous account, which was hacked.

According to the PayPal records, Prince Mwiti had accumulated $36,921.93, equivalent to Sh.4.8 million.

In his concluding remarks, Mwiti addressed those wishing him ill and those celebrating his account’s suspension, asserting his resilience and unstoppable nature.

“I’m sorted, thank you very much. Let us start afresh. Here is the money; it’s in my PayPal. You all thought I lost it; I’m very unstoppable,” declared the TikToker, urging people to support his new account.

Netizens reacted fervently to his post, expressing their disbelief and sharing what they would do with such a substantial sum of money. However, the reason behind Mwiti’s account ban remains unclear, although it’s not the first time he has faced such a setback, with previous suspensions attributed to conflicts with other content creators.

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