Professor Hamo Speaks On How Andrew Kibe Came Through For Him When He Messed Up

Veteran comedian Prof Hamo has opened up about his regrets and his new plans in making a comeback after a series of making headlines for the wrong reasons.

In an interview with US-based Kenyan YouTuber Andrew Kibe, Hamo said that he had made many wrong decisions in the past, including being a deadbeat dad. He said that he had been struggling with addiction and mental health issues, which had led to his poor choices.

Hamo said that he was now sober and getting help for his mental health issues. He said that he was also working on rebuilding his relationships with his children.

Hamo said that he was not proud of the person he had been, but that he was determined to change. He said that he wanted to use his experience to help others who were struggling.

Hamo said that he was grateful for the support of his fans and friends. He said that he was excited to make a comeback and show the world that he was a changed man.

In the interview, Hamo also called out Kibe for publicly criticizing him. However, he also thanked Kibe for being the only person to reach out to him when he was at his lowest.

Hamo’s interview was met with mixed reactions. Some people praised him for his honesty and willingness to change, while others criticized him for his past actions.

However, Hamo’s story is a reminder that everyone makes mistakes. What matters is that we learn from our mistakes and try to do better. Hamo is clearly committed to changing his life, and he deserves our support.

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