Pst. Kanyari delights fans with a secular love song on TikTok.

Controversial preacher Victor Kanyari has clarified his decision to join TikTok, stating that his goal is to save lives rather than make money.

According to Kanyari, he sees TikTok as an opportunity to reach out to the younger generation and make a positive impact. He aims to help and guide individuals, particularly those struggling with issues like drug addiction.

When questioned about dealing with criticism and negativity on the platform, Kanyari expressed resilience, emphasizing that he is accustomed to facing criticism and hate. He refuses to let trolls deter him from his mission.

Regarding earnings from TikTok, Kanyari mentioned receiving gifts from Kenyans abroad, totaling over Sh100,000 within a week of joining the platform. However, he stressed that money is not his primary motivation, and his focus is on providing prayers and words of encouragement to his audience.

@tiktoktrends_tkPastor Kanyari

♬ الو ولك الو – Attal Media

Responding to critics like Nyako, Kanyari noted that some people profit from insulting him, and he is not bothered by such negativity.

Kanyari also shared his experiences of receiving romantic advances from both men and women on TikTok, including explicit messages and photos. Despite this, he remains undeterred in his mission.

In a recent live session, Kanyari humorously appealed to a mysterious giver known as King Roso, jokingly requesting lions as gifts, despite rumors associating the giver with the Illuminati.

Despite skepticism, Kanyari continues to engage with his audience on TikTok, combining traditional preaching with modern social media interactions, with a focus on blessings and prayers.

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