“Punguza mwili na bangi” Fans troll Harmonize over new photos

Harmonize’s appearance keeps changing with time and I can assure you that it has nothing to do with age!

The guy is still quite young – I’m thinking 28 years but his body; damn his body has started to look like that of a tired 40 something year old all thanks to the drugs he has apparently been using.

Harmonize new weight reflecting on new photos

Remember back when he had this fine cute boy face and a good body that made many ladies fight over him?

Well, all that is gone and so are his gym days as many believe that he is currently on steroids; which are have highly contributing to his current body weight.

Harmonize abs replaced by rolls

Harmonize in need of a detox

If you remember well – back in 2019 Harmonize was summoned by Tanzanian police; after a few videos of him smoking what they suspected to marijuana surfaced online.

I know, I know it sounded absurd at the time; but boy is Harmonize really puff puff passing a-bit too much.

Well, I’m not one to judge, but with the photos; and a video of Harmonize shared on his page – fans feel that Konde boy either needs to lay off the smoke and whatever else he is inhaling.

Below is the video that has left his fans convinced that Rehab may be the next place Harmonize is headed to.


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