Popular Preacher Lucy wa Ngunjiri speaks out against spike in cultism in Mt Kenya

Popular city preacher Lucy Wa Ngunjiri has spoken out against the surge in cultism practices in the Mt. Kenya region, urging singer Muigai Wa Njoroge to stop recruiting fellow musicians into the alleged cult known as ‘Gwata Ndai.’

In a passionate address, Wa Ngunjiri said: “Muigai Wa Njoroge, your songs have been a source of education for many, but I implore you to refrain from encouraging female genital mutilation among women.”

She added that she has chosen to bear the burden of the nation and pray for its people, and to stand up for the rights of orphans.

“There are cults and groups emerging that are defying the will of God,” she said. “These groups, which continue to hinder our nation’s progress, shall not prevail.”

Cultism practices have been a growing concern in various parts of Kenya, including the Mt. Kenya region.

Muigai Wa Njoroge has denied the allegations, stating that he has never been associated with cultism or FGM.

He said that he comes from a family with five sisters and that his mother never discussed FGM with them. He also said that he has two wives and five daughters, and that he has never broached the subject with them either.

“In my view, this is a practice of the past, and it holds no relevance in my life,” Muigai said.

He expressed his frustration over the allegations made against him and called on those making false claims to consider the impact on his family.

“I am deeply troubled by the way my name has been dragged through the mud in public, especially regarding the FGM allegations,” he said. “A popular preacher initially brought this issue to the public’s attention, and ever since, I have been unjustly accused.”

Muigai said that he holds deep respect for his wives and that his children hold a special place in his heart. He implored those involved to cease the unwarranted shaming, particularly in front of his matured children.

The allegations against Muigai are serious, and it is important to note that he has not been proven guilty of any wrongdoing.

However, Wa Ngunjiri’s concerns about the rise of cultism in Kenya are valid. It is important to be aware of the dangers of cults and to protect yourself and your loved ones from being exploited.

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