“Quran and the Bible are foreign books” Boniface Mwangi reins in religious zealots castigating Ben Kitili and Amina Mude

KTN anchor Ben Kitili married his baby mama Amina Mude in one of a kind wedding ceremony that was held on Friday November 16th.

Ben and Amina’s wedding was unique because of their different faiths, the KTN anchor is a Christian while his wife is a Muslim.

Some Muslims took to social media to condemned their union on grounds that Islam forbids a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man.

Ben Kitili and his wife Amina Mude
Ben Kitili and his wife Amina Mude
Let your love conquer bigotry

Ben Kitili responded to the criticisms from section of Muslims condemning his marriage. But his response isn’t enough to ward off religious zealots.

Rights Activist Boniface Mwangi has weighed in on the contentious interfaith marriage debate that has pitted Muslims against liberals and Christians.

Boniface says Africans of Christian and Muslim faiths are a lost lot. The controversial activists insists that Christianity and Islam shouldn’t divide Africans since both Quran and the Bible are foreign books.

“Love unlike religion is blind and sometimes foolish. Quran and the Bible are foreign books,that came and found our ancestors practicing intermarriages.Let no book stop you from loving the human being you love.Muslim, Christian, Animist, Atheist etc? Let your love conquer bigotry,” Boniface Mwangi tweeted.


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