Rael Wangari Credits Mungai Eve For Selection As Her Replacement

Following the recent changes within Director Trevor’s team, Rael Wangari has been introduced as a new member.

Rael emphasizes her unique identity, stating:

“I am not here to replace Mungai Eve; she is Mungai Eve and I am Rael Wangari.”

Transition and Support

Rael acknowledges experiencing initial nervousness but appreciates the encouragement and guidance provided by Mungai Eve during their virtual meeting. This support helped ease her transition into the new role.

“We had a virtual meeting the day we were drafting how I would work for Mungai Eve and Director Trevor, and I was very overwhelmed and nervous, and she encouraged me to be calm and pointed out what she wanted,” she told presenter Ali in an interview.

“A lot of people thought it’s the first time, but I have been working for Mungai Eve Media since last year and it has been a great experience to work with them, I have learnt a lot from Mungai Eve,” she revealed.

Clarifying Timeline

Contrary to speculation, Rael clarifies that her collaboration with Director Trevor and Mungai Eve began in August of the previous year, predating the news of their split.

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