Raila Odinga Demands New Task Force To Tackle Exam Malpractices

Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya leader Raila Odinga has condemned the persistent exam irregularities plaguing national examinations and urged the government to establish a new task force to address the issue.

Speaking at a press conference in Nairobi on December 6th, 2023, Odinga expressed grave concerns about the compromised credibility of academic certificates due to exam malpractices. He emphasized that this jeopardizes Kenya’s future competitiveness in both local and global job markets.

“By allowing the integrity of our exams and certification to be questionable, we are subjecting our children to ridicule and diminishing their employment opportunities,” Odinga declared. “The education sector is not solely the government’s responsibility; it belongs to all Kenyans. For the sake of our children, the government must do better.”

Specifically, Odinga cited the recent Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams as an example of compromised integrity. He alleged that the government interfered in the initial stages of exam paper printing, favoring a Mombasa Road-based firm over a previously contracted UK firm due to alleged bribery attempts.

This accusation, if true, paints a disturbing picture of systemic corruption undermining the integrity of Kenya’s education system. Odinga’s demand for a new task force to investigate and address these malpractices is a necessary step towards ensuring fairness, transparency, and accountability in Kenyan education.

The government must seriously consider Odinga’s call to action and take concrete steps to address the persistent problem of exam irregularities. Only then can Kenya ensure a level playing field for all students and guarantee the value and integrity of its academic certificates.

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