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“Raising a baby is harder than carrying pregnancy to full-term” cries new mum, Nadia Mukami

July 26, 2022 at 16:43
"Raising a baby is harder than carrying pregnancy to full-term" cries new mum, Nadia Mukami

We’ve heard mums complain time and time again about motherhood with some saying it’s a full time job; and you best believe it is. Howeber in our society when you complain that you’re tired or even need a small break from the baby – you’ll be branded as a bad mum, one who doesn’t like her own child.

But this is not the case. Imagine carrying a pregnancy to full term (I hear its not easy too) and having to raise a little human after birth….its exhausting. Its actually harder than working at a mjengo site.

Well if you don’t believe me, allow me to share a post Nadia Mukami recently shared on her page talking about her motherhood journey. From her post – Nadia Mukami openly admits that raising her baby from day 1 to 4 months has been the toughest experience she’s had to go through.

I think most places need to focus on postpartum. Pregnancy is easy (my opinion) I think its easier compared to that period after birth. Sheesh. Women are strong. And us black/African women are not allowed to say this chapter is exhausting; utaambiwa ni/tulee kama amekushinda.

Reality dawns on Nadia Mukami

From the post, I bet Nadia Mukami had zero idea what was ahead of her and although she’s not complaining about having her son; she’s actually admitting that parenting is not as easy as it may look.

In her case, she’s now learning that handling a tiny human needs commitment, self sacrifice and above all patience to learn.

Post partum is not a joke! I never really understood postpartum until I had a baby. Please check on new mums. You are not a superhero it is okay to feel that way.


Na bado line ya nizalie juu tunapendana inatumika hapa nje. Ooliskia wapi?


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