Random woman begs Obinna for on-night-stand

Oga Obinna, a comedian and blogger, showed surprise after a female fan boldly requested a one-night stand from him.

Obinna posted a screenshot of the message he got from the fool on his Instagram page, promising that if he granted his request for one night of love, everyone will go.

“Obinaaa, just one night stand and then everyone should go.”

The comedian didn’t know whether to reply to the message by deleting it, accepting the request, or blocking the Instagram user.

He did, however, acknowledge that he was moved by the young woman’s bravery.

“Wheh!!!不不不不不不 I like to believe in myself!!! Things, however, are three… Do I block you, delete, accept?”

Fans who follow Obinna on Instagram had a variety of reactions to his decision to make the post public.

Following the message, they aired various viewpoints. Majier49 remarked;

“This dem would be a man, I don’t think you would see him like this, it would be one thing, accept it.”

Others counseled him to accept the woman’s offer of one night of sex.

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