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Read: Willis Raburu’s bold message to Kenyans in the face of Coronavirus outbreak

April 01, 2020 at 11:13
Read: Willis Raburu's bold message to Kenyans in the face of Coronavirus outbreak

With a pandemic that has taken over the world, one that never sent a signal prior to its coming and one whose cure is unprecedented, Kenyans have had their lives change completely.

It started with one case that only rattled a few, if any. And slowly, the numbers kept rising, with no one able to tell when it will all end.

No one knows how to navigate around it, how to describe the virus, nor even how to plan for the next day.

The world is currently in shambles, as some nations recover while others delve deeper into the crisis, with the dawn of each day.

However, many have tried sending comforting messages and words of encouragement to masses across the world, in a bid to light up the gloomy faces and give hope of a better tomorrow.

Citizen TV presenter, Willis Raburu sought to speak to the heavy-laden and comfort those counting losses in these trying times, that it shall be well.

Willis Raburu

The world has witnessed mass retrenchment, many bearing job losses, not knowing who to run to or where to start.

With a couple of TV programs having been put off, as media stations try to project more hard news especially around the novel COVID-19, the 10 over 10 presenter is also feeling the heat.

He jotted:

Missing this part of the job. However My heart goes out to those who have lost jobs during these trying times, those worried about how they will make ends meet, those in pain and who have suffered any kind of loss to some.

Citizen TV presenter, Willis Raburu

To the affected and those infected, the media personality encouraged:

50 or whatever the new figure may be , may be a number, isolation may be a word, but to all of you going through it, take heart 🙏🏾


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