Reason Akothee is desperate for meeting with Ruto

President William Ruto made a cultural statement on Tuesday when he donned traditional Maasai attire to open the inaugural Maasai Cultural Week in Narok. The event, which coincides with the annual wildebeest migration, is taking place at Sekenani in the Maasai Mara region.

Ruto’s decision to wear Maasai attire was met with mixed reactions. Some praised him for his respect for Maasai culture, while others criticized him for cultural appropriation.

Singer Akothee was one of those who praised Ruto’s decision. She took to Instagram to say that Ruto’s photo “killed it” and that she envisioned a national cultural month that would showcase Kenya’s rich heritage.

“The rich culture we have in our county is to die for,” Akothee said. “Let us embrace it. If this is documented and shared with the whole world, the Kenyan tourism sector will take a different turn.”

Akothee also shared her experience of being let go from the Talanta Hela initiative along with other nominees, without any prior notice. She called on Ruto to give her 30 minutes in his office so that she could explain how they could move forward.

The Talanta Hela initiative is a government-led program that aims to promote talent development in Kenya. It was launched in 2022 and has since supported over 10,000 artists and creatives.

Ruto’s decision to wear Maasai attire has sparked a conversation about cultural tourism in Kenya. Some argue that it is a positive step that could help to promote Kenya’s rich culture to the world. Others are concerned that it could be seen as cultural appropriation.

Only time will tell how Ruto’s decision will impact cultural tourism in Kenya. However, it is clear that the photo of him in Maasai attire has captured the imagination of Kenyans and sparked a conversation about the country’s cultural heritage.

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