‘Record Every Altercation As Evidence’- Oga Obinna Advices The Boychild

Image: Oga Obinna

Following DJ Brownskin’s case, there’s been so much colloquy on what could have transpired before the gruesome video.

Some netizens blamed Brownskin for recording his wife while she took the poison without taking any action. While others sided with him, citing that the woman might have been trying to commit suicide on several occasions.

In relation to this, radio presenter Oga Obinna has adviced the boychild to record such incidences as provision of evidence if things go south on them.

”Brother RUN!!Dont wait for it to hit the FAN. Run before it gets out of HAND. While connered, make sure any verbal,physical,emotional altercation, always RECORD. It’s the only thing that might save you.Say no to GBV against Women. Say no to GBV against MEN!!Most people will take sides without getting the facts. Women will be biased to take the women’s side and Vice Versa.ONLY EVIDENCE WILL SAVE YOU BRO.N/B.????I’m not supporting any side. I’m just advising boychild from lessons I’ve learnt????????,” he wrote on his Instagram.
And honestly speaking, if it was not DJ Brownskin’s recording, he would probably have been the main-suspect in his wive’s death, and probably end up in jail too. Obinna’s advice is worth heeding.

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