Rekless releases Saliti Freestyle and this is what we need for quarantine time

Image: Rekless

Rekless has come through with a blessing for your ears. And it comes in the form of a freestyle called Saliti. And with a name like that, what do you think it is about if not Judas Iscariot tendencies?

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You see, one of the biggest criticisms about his group, Ethic and himself is that they are too one dimensional but with this offering, he has come to dispel that assumption about himself.

Rekless with his babe

And he decided that to prove himself, he needs to stand alone so rather than give the jam in conjunction with his Ethic groupmates, he decided to come alone and stand on his own two feet.

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The song itself borrows the instrumentals it uses from a Lucas Joyner diss track aimed at Tory Lanez. And this is perfect for a man whose song seeks to establish him as a stand-alone. And though he probably will be forking out all the royalties to the song to the originating artists, this is a proper jam for hip-hop heads who want to enjoy a different, ore hip-hop influenced side to Rekless.

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Known for doing most of the Ethic hooks as well as being the elder member of the group, he has decided to let his age show, forgoing popular lollipop themes for a lyrical display. He speaks about his experience as a man but also his experiences being a famous man at that.

reckless with ethic

He addresses the haters and every jolly topic you can expect a popular man to address with the main theme being betrayal. Is this a subliminal message? Only time will tell. For now, all you can do is enjoy the freestyle:

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