Relationship between Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi following the Monica Kimani trial

Image: Jackie Maribe with ex boyfriend, Eric Omondi

Following the Not Guilty verdict in the highly publicized murder trials, former news anchor Jacque Maribe has shed light on her relationship with comedian Eric Omondi, highlighting the support he provided during challenging times.

In an open interview with Faydee Media, Maribe disclosed that despite the end of their romantic involvement, they have remained good friends. Exploring the reasons for their breakup, she attributed personal growth and maturity as pivotal factors influencing their decision to part ways.

“Eric is my friend to date. He was in a space where we were having a serious relationship. I think I had matured beyond his expectations,” Maribe shared during the interview.

While expressing gratitude for Omondi’s kindness towards her and their son, Maribe acknowledged his genuine nature. However, she underscored the significance of understanding each other before committing to a relationship.

“He was very nice to me. He genuinely was, I will never come out and say anything to the contrary. I think this is why it’s important to first learn somebody before you rush into something like this because I believe it was rushed,” reflected Maribe.

In a separate interview with TV47, Eric Omondi conveyed his joy at Maribe’s acquittal and extended his support, recognizing the challenges she faced over the past five years. Omondi expressed satisfaction with the court’s decision, emphasizing the security now afforded to Maribe’s family, livelihood, and child.

“The court’s decision regarding Jacque was appropriate, and many Kenyans would agree that sometimes in life, circumstances lead you to unexpected places. However, I am pleased because her family, livelihood, and child are now secure,” Omondi stated, demonstrating his solidarity with Maribe.

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