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Revealed! Why Zari Hassan does not pay much attention to her son, Nillan

April 27, 2020 at 15:54
Revealed! Why Zari Hassan does not pay much attention to her son, Nillan

Zari Hassan is proud a mum of 5 adorable children and although she prefers parading her baby girl, Tiffah Dangote; the boss lady today ended up celebrating her last born Nillan.

Baby Nillan with Daddy and Tiffah

Through her Instagram page, the boss lady shared a post dedicated to Nillan as his MCM! What caught many people attention is the fact that she admitted that she has not been paying more attention to her son; and from the look of things people had already noticed this from way back.

However, this does not mean that she loves him less of is not proud of him; but most boys tend to get independent while still young and since she already has 3 grown boys – then definitely Nillan will prefer hanging out with them and not his mommy.

Zari with her babies!

Zari opens up

Through her Instagram page Zari poured out his heart in a length post where she praised Nillan in the best possible way.

She wrote saying;


This lil man right here is my MCM. Such a strong lil guy. I remember when I had him, his sister was also still a baby. As a baby Nillan showed no sign of competition since I want paying him so much attention because most of my attention was on Latiffah (well as the only gal in the family).

Nillan the last born

Despite letting Tiffah take over their mum, Zari also revealed that Nillan understands the fact that he is also the last born.

She went on to add that Nillan always takes advantage of this saying;

He has since developed so much strength and independence. I’m so proud of you baba and I love the fact that you know your the baby of the house and love you dearly &princenillan Kyakudeka wangu….always taking advantage as the last born @princenillan my Gucci man


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