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Ringtone Apoko speaks on Bahati’s mental health – says singer is battling suicidal thoughts after losing Mathare MP seat

September 30, 2022 at 14:18

Gospel singer Ringtone Apoko has shared new information on Bahati leaving many quite worried about the 29 year old’s mental health.

Well according to Apoko his friend Bahati is still struggling to accept defeat after losing the Mathare MP seat to one Anthony Oluoch; a loss that has now left the father of 4 deep in depression to a point he wants to end his life.

Speaking to Mungai Eve on new interview, Apoko went on to reveal that Bahati’s situation got so bad to a point his wife, Diana Bahati had to reach out asking him (Ringtone Apoko) to intervene.

We disown you as the gospel ministry in Kenya – Ringtone to Bahati

Bahati anapitia depression, Bahati hataki kukubali alipoteza kiti, mara kama mbili Diana amenipigia kuniambia Bahati anataka kukunywa sumu, nikaenda nikamsaidia.

Mental health

Well…if you hear Diana Bahati is reaching out to Ringtone for help…..then it must have been really serious considering Apoko and the Bahati’s have always had an on and off kind of friendship.

However it also confirms the many speculations surrounding Bahati’s exit from social media – keeping in mind how active he had previously been. But then again – they say on the darkest nights, the brightest stars shine and hopefully for the Bahati’s – this too shall pass.


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