Ringtone offers Willy Paul half a million days after their online beef!

Image: Weezdom publicly exposes Ringone´s dark past

Ringtone and Willy Paul’s online fight is becoming monotonous and fans feel that it’s about time these two either released a song; or joined a Chama with fellow male socialites in the country.

Secular artist; Willy Paul

For some reason the two have been throwing shade at each other on Instagram; and rumor has it that they could be working on a new project set to be released soon.

So far we have seen Ringtone offer Ksh 50,000 to anyone who will be able to bed Willy Paul’s sister or cousin. He went on to add that the money will only be paid after the proof is shared on social media – just to keep Willy Paul at his place.

Willy Paul’s clap back

Well, unlike Ringtone – singer Willy Paul went all out throwing insults just to keep the beef going.

As far as faking is concerned, Willy Paul seems to be taking things a-bit too far; and now some fans are no longer feeling this vibe.


Ringtones last offer

Ringtone has issued his last offer through his Instagram where he has promised to give Pozee Ksh 500,000 just to pull down his evil song. The controversial singer wrote;


DEAR @willy.paul.msafi AM OFFER 500000K KSHS ($5000) TO REMOVE THE EVIL SONG WITH NADIA MUKAMI AND DO A BETTER SONG????????????????????

Pozee featuring Nadia

For almost two weeks now Willy Paul and Ringtone have breathing down each other’s necks because of ‘Hallelujah.’

Pozee says he will release whatever he wants but Ringtone accuses him of using a Christian word in an improper way!

Ringtone denied and dumped baby mama – Weezdom reveals

But all in all a reliable source has gone ahead to confirm that Pozee and Ringtone are actually good friends off social media; and have been doing this to entertain fans from both camps!

If this is true then I guess all the money being ‘thrown’ around on social media is just another scam to prove that money is not a problem!

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