Ringtone to Bahati: “I’m proud to see you serve the devil so openly”

Ringtone is mad with the fact that Kenyans continue to show support for Bahati despite knowing that he is no longer a ‘gospel artist.’

The controversial singer has talked about this in a new video where he congratulated Bahati for finally portraying his true colors; after years of pretending to be a servant of God.


According to Ringtone, Bahati has always been a sinner but was hiding the gospel industry; probably because business is always booming!

On the same clip, Ringtone adds that the current behavior portrayed Bahati is the real him. But now that he is tied of pretending, the best thing he can do is serve the ‘devil’; who he also says is Bahati’s father.

Speaking through the video, Ringtone is heard saying;

Kenyan celebrity bahati
Former gospel singer, Bahati

Nataka kujibu Bahati. Naona ulinitukana kwa wimbo wako lakini sina ngori wewe ni boy wangu. Nataka kusema aje, I’m proud of you Bahati kwa sababu this time around umeanza kufanya vitu za ukweli ukweli. Umeanza kufanya dhambi kubwa kubwa venye unafaa kufanyia baba yako shetani ili afurahi.

Christians stop supporting Bahati

As if this wasn’t enough, Ringtone goes on to urge Christians to stop supporting Bahati who already chose a stand with the devil.

According to him, it’s time Kenyans started supporting real gospel musicians (like himself) instead of paying attention to a servant of the devil. He said;

Nataka pia kuambia wakistro wawachane na Bahati. Bahati aliquit gospel, sijui mbona wakistro wanashinda ‘Bahati Bahati’ fuateni wasanii wa gospel.

But looking at the comment section, most fans feel that these two are actually alike; it’s like looking at a mirror – that is behavior wise.

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