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Ruth Matete’s ex boyfriend addresses rumours claiming he squandered her TPF price money, Ksh 5 million

October 13, 2020 at 11:26
Ruth Matete's ex boyfriend addresses rumours claiming he squandered her TPF price money, Ksh 5 million

Former Tahidi High actor Toni aka Prince Tsyder got into a relationship with gospel singer Ruth Matete about 8 years ago; but their relationship did not end so well.

If you remember well, right after their break up Toni was accused for using and dumping the lady right after her 5 million ended. According to reports, Toni was said to be the reason why the singer’s TPF price ended overnight; with no investments or savings left.

During this time both Ruth Matete and Toni maintained their silence; and with this, many assumed that the stories circulating on social media were true. However little did we know the damage it left in Toni’s life now that he had been branded as a gold digger – chasing after a woman’s money.

Prince Tsyder aka Toni

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Toni blames Ruth for ruining his life

Speaking for the first time through OJ’s new YouTube show; Toni went on to deny spending or even touching the 5  million Ruth walked away with after winning TPF.

The former actor went on to say;

ilishindwa hata kuongea… watu waliona mimi ndio nikama nilikula hio doo. Hata alikuwa anaulizwa manze hasemi anything. To some point hajui kama alinispoilia life. Mimi nilimjua kama hio doo haiko na sidhani Ruth ni dem fala ati mwanaume atacome akule doo yake, huyo dem si fala hio kiasi.

Pastor Ruth Matete looking all glammed-up

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According to Toni, Ruth Matete should have at least told the truth after learning that he was being accused of using her money. Through the YouTube show, the young man went on to conclude saying;

At least angeambia wasee huyu msee relationship ni totally different but challenges zilikuwa kama any other relationship. The fact that tulikuwa maceleb hio time watu walibonga but mimi sikuongea,


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