Rwandan Artist Isacco Finds His Rhythm After Early Struggles

Isacco (born Isaac Murwanashyaka Nzabonimana) is a Rwandan artist-musician whose life journey has heavily shaped his music. Displaced by the war in Rwanda at the young age of three, he found himself in Kenya before eventually growing up in France.

Finding Music Through Friends

In France, surrounded by music-loving friends and aspiring singers, Isacco’s own artistic spark ignited. He initially offered guidance during recordings due to his studio knowledge, eventually being invited to collaborate on a song. This experience led to the formation of the group “IC-KS” in 2012, marking the official launch of his musical career.

From Group Success to Solo Accolades

Isacco’s dedication and talent shone through with IC-KS, but his ambitions extended beyond. In 2017, he released his debut solo single, “Nonaha,” which garnered positive reception and even earned him the “Best Male Artist of the Diaspora” award from the Cameroonian diaspora association in France.

Isacco’s Record Label

I have my own label. I launched my own label, Isacco Production. This is where I produced my track Zunguza, an afropop track recorded in 2021 featuring the Guinean Lil Saako. This latest work is particularly praised by the African media. After these seven singles, in September 2021, I released “On s’amuse”, my first album, of eight tracks.

What Else After Release Of Isacco’s New Music Video?

I am currently working on my second Album which is almost finished. Normally the release is scheduled for the end of this year 2024. There will be surprises for my fans. As for collaborations, I have a surprise in store for music lovers. But, I can say that there are big collaborations with great artists from several countries. There will be several performances, concerts that I am preparing for. Already on April 6, 2024, I am inviting my fans to come and support me during a Masquerade Dance Evening. I will also be on stage in Cameroon with other artists like Mani Bella the Cameroonian star.

Investing in Quality: The New Single and Beyond

Isacco’s latest single has recently garnered attention not just for its music, but also for the significant investment he made in the video production. He openly shared the challenges of exceeding his initial budget due to factors like collaborating with experienced videographer Julien Bmjizzo, securing models, and renting filming locations. Despite the unforeseen expenses, Isacco emphasizes his commitment to delivering a high-quality experience for his audience.

Storytelling Through Music

Beyond the production value, Isacco’s newest single carries a deeper message. It delves into his personal journey, weaving a narrative of resilience, hope, and overcoming challenges. He uses the song to inspire listeners to stay focused, work hard, and never give up in the face of obstacles and doubts.

The Future Holds Melodies

Currently working on his second album, Isacco’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists. His journey, characterized by perseverance and an unwavering passion for music, highlights the transformative power of artistic expression.

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