Sailor’s Miracle baby finally addresses bisexual rumors sparked by Boondock’s Exray!

Miracle Baby aka Peter has taken his time after Exray exposed him for being gay. In a video shared by Exray on his instagram page, the gengetone singer accused Miracle of having relations with a fellow man; and to prove this, he dared Miracle to speak up if he wanted the videos shared on social media.

This topic brought about different reactions from fans and celebrities who advised the two to solve the matter privately! However these two don’t seem to be taking the advice and finally we have a response from Miracle baby.

Speaking to Kartelo on his Rieng Radio show, Miracle baby got to share his side of the story. Although it comes at a time when many assumed he opted to stay quiet following Exray’s threat; atleast we can now hear straight from the horses mouth.

Miracle Baby and Kartelo

Miracle hits back

Well, as expected Miracle baby denied this saying he already has 12 children with different women around; and will soon be adding more children since he is capable of it.

For him, this was just another baseless threat following their beef that has left the gengetone comminuity tensed up; as both these boys continue to escalate the beef.

When asked by Kartelo whether the rumors had any truth to it, Miracle responded by challenging his buddy to lend him his girlfriend for confirmation. He said;


Mimi ata siexplain tena. Wewe leta dame yako atakuambia niko wapi. Kama ukiniletea dame yako tulale na yeye siku mbili atanielezea niko aje.

According to him, the stories were nothing but propaganda. On the issue of being returned back to the village, the Gengetone artist challenged those saying this – to prove they have the power to do that.

Judging from the conversation he often has with Kartelo…its also obvious to see these two fella are good friends; and with the new show, they might just be the next hot thing!


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