Samidoh and Karen Nyamu’s daughter starts school

Karen Nyamu and Samuel Muchoki, aka Samidoh, are the parents of Mimo Muchoki, who recently started school. The senator-nominee posted a video of herself and her kid, who was decked up in a yellow dress with blue and yellow stripes and yellow sandals.

“Today is Mimo’s first day of school,” Karen posted to Instagram stories. Nyamu had earlier sent out a note to parents whose children were returning to school.

“Hii sasa ndio ile week ya back to school. Parents my thoughts are with you, for those in Nairobi who have gotten our small cheques at Karen Nyamu foundation ka mzigo i hope kamepungua. We are working to do more in terms of amount and numbers in future Na kuna vile nawapenda saaana ūü§ó‚̧ԳŹ,”¬†

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