Samidoh: I like life and all the turmoil that accompanies relationships.

Mugithi sensation Samidoh embraces the entirety of his life’s journey, including the relationship dramas that have become intertwined with his public persona.

“If I didn’t find joy in the life I lead, I would have succumbed to despair long ago. Life presents challenges, but one must stay focused and keep moving forward,” Samidoh asserts.

The singer, known for his relationships with ex-wife Edday Nderitu and nominated senator Karen Nyamu, acknowledges that he frequently becomes a trending topic due to the women in his life. However, he views this phenomenon positively and notes that even his superiors in the disciplined forces have become accustomed to it.

“I honestly don’t understand how I consistently trend, which is why I refrain from defending or explaining myself to my superiors when it happens. It’s beyond my control,” he admits.

Samidoh, known for his proficiency with both a gun and a guitar, has grown accustomed to the accompanying drama, recognizing it as a consequence of his fame.

“There’s a price to pay for everything. When I was tending cattle in Ol Jorook, I never attracted attention because I was nobody. But now that I’m famous, some negativity is inevitable. The key is to maintain balance. Life is a series of ups and downs; the important thing is to stay focused,” he reflects.

While Samidoh does not attribute blame for his trending status, he acknowledges the role of the media in amplifying and distorting aspects of his life.

“I’m simply living my life as best as I can, but sometimes the media magnifies things out of proportion. I have no control over that, and thankfully, my superiors understand,” says Samidoh, who serves as a policeman at the National Police Service headquarters in Westlands.

“Music never interferes with my work. I maintain a disciplined schedule, working Monday to Thursday and dedicating weekends to performances,” he clarifies.

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