Samidoh Jokingly Claims He’s ‘Single’- I Was Polygamous But Now I’m Single’

Mugithi musician Samidoh, recently awarded the Head of State Commendation (HSC) by President William Ruto, addressed rumors about his personal life during a live conversation. He jokingly stated that he is currently single and clarified that his relationship status plays no role in his professional achievements.

Specifically, Samidoh addressed suggestions that Senator Karen Nyamu, with whom he shares a child, influenced his HSC award. He responded with lighthearted remarks, suggesting that anyone deserving of the honor should pursue it themselves.

This version focuses on the factual elements of the conversation: Samidoh’s single status, his HSC award, and his denial of external influence.

Samidoh has been the talk of town for several months; reason being his baby mamas. The singer has been hailed as more masculine and in control of his baby mamas by using his male wits. But his first wife Edday Nderitu decided to part ways with him after going to the US to seek greener pastures. Samidoh is currently spending most of his time with his baby mama, Karen Nyamu. The two have been lighting up the internet with lovely photos and videos. But will their relationship be a lasting one?

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