Samidoh responds to demands for bride price for Karen Nyamu

Image: Samidoh and Karen Nyamu

Nearly three weeks after his arrival in the US to visit his first family, Samidoh faced suggestions from fans on his Facebook post regarding paying dowry for Karen Nyamu.

One netizen, Angel N Shantel, directly urged Samidoh to pay Nyamu’s dowry, cautioning him that he would forever be perceived as an orphan kept by a sugar mummy if he neglected this responsibility.

Angel N Shantel asserted, “#Samidoh until you pay dowry to Karen Nyamu…itabaki kuwa Mtoto Yatima Amewekwa na Mumama.”

In response to Angel N Shantel’s comment, Samidoh chuckled and commented on the peculiarities of Kenyans.

However, he did not explicitly address whether he would consider the suggestion of paying Karen Nyamu’s dowry. Samidoh’s response was, “Angel N Shantel Aki Kenyansūü§£.”

Interestingly, exactly one year ago in January 2023, during a period of discord between Samidoh and Nyamu, the singer had expressed his thoughts on the idea of officially marrying the politician.

In a surprising revelation, the father of two of Nyamu’s three children responded to a social media user named Joyce Wairimu Mbuthia, who had advised the singer.

“Samidoh don’t accept to be a slave to your past. Make peace and move on, you don’t have to marry a second wife by force just because she has borne children intentionally or unintentionally. And she is not bringing you peace either! you have a very mature and peaceful wife! Be content with that and build your home.”

Samidoh fully endorsed this viewpoint, stating, “Heheh, I will never agree to bring a frog to my mother to please people.”

During that same January period, a fan’s plea to Samidoh not to marry Karen prompted a dramatic response from the nominated senator herself.

“Hehe, let him also know how to read the signs of the times. Gone are the days when his words mattered. The past cannot be unseen,” she retorted at the time.

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