Samidoh’s cousin betrays him, attacks Karen Nyamu and dramatic baby mamas

Bernice Saroni, a US-based Kenyan music promoter, has advised mothers to maintain a drama-free relationship with their children’s fathers.

In a TikTok video, Saroni stressed the importance of mothers fulfilling their responsibilities and allowing fathers to play an active role in their children’s lives. She also urged mothers to focus on their own path and avoid insulting the other woman or the child’s father.

“There are so many women who wish their baby daddies were responsible and involved in their children’s lives,

Saroni pointed out that using derogatory language or pressing the child for information about their father only brings more pain to oneself. She added that even if the father is not a good husband or partner, he may still be a great dad.

“Since your ex-partner wants to meet his child(ren), you start drama-fighting him for moving on and dating someone else. There is a difference between being together and splitting. If it is the latter, stop wanting to know what he is doing or whom he is dating.

You do not have to insult the other woman. You call him, and he does not pick up. It does not have to be a case. It is not a must he picks up your call. He could be busy or in with his lover.”

In recent years, male celebrities have suggested that their baby mamas are stumbling blocks in their relationship with their children. These situations often become embroiled in legal disputes, and the celebrities vent their frustrations on social media.

“He is your ex but still the father of your child. He may not love you anymore, but he loves his child. May not be a good husband or partner, but is a great dad. Learn to differentiate between the two things. Fighting the child not to be with the father will not make you two reunite,”

Overall, Saroni’s advice is to put the needs of the child first and avoid creating unnecessary drama.

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